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           Milena-M Ltd. provides certification of documents in all Bulgarian government institutions and Bulgarian embassies abroad.


           The legalization of the documents and their certification is performed by issuance of Apostille, which is attached to them.


           Apostille (French: apostille) is a special certificate with a seal for authentication (legalization) of a document by the State in which the document was issued. The usage of Apostille as a form of legalization is governed by the Convention, Abolishing the Rrequirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents, signed at Hague on 5th of October 1961 / Convention de la Haye du 5 octobre 1961/. The Convention provides a unified way for legalization of a particular category of documents (public documents) intended to be used abroad - by putting on the document or attaching to it a special certificate – Apostille. Thus when Apostille is attached to the document this document is released from further procedures for legalization from other high local authorities in the issuing country, as well as diplomatic or consular mission in the country – the one where the document will be presented and used.

           Documents with attached Apostille are admitted and are effective in each of the countries signed the Convention.


           On the following map you can see the countries that use Apostille for legalization of public documents:






           The legalization of documents in Bulgaria is performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice

           • The Ministry of Justice certifies by Apostille documents issued by the courts and the notaries (public documents under art. 1 , a, b, d of the Convention)

           • the Ministry of Foreign Affairs certifies by Apostille all other documents(public documents under art. 1 , a, b of the Convention) such as:

           - documents of civil status and residence registration issued by municipalities;

           - various certificates, licenses and other documents issued by ministries, state agencies and commissions;

           - diplomas, qualification and competence certificates;

           - documents by National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute and other.

           Administrative documents dealing directly with commercial or customs activities and documents issued by diplomatic or consular agencies cannot obtain Apostille under the Hague Convention

           For more information about the authorities issuing Apostille in different countries please visit the following website:


           Legalization of documents in the following ministries and institutions:

           Ministry of Justice

           Ministry of Education and Science

           Ministry of Culture

           Ministry of Interior

           Ministry of Health

           Ministry of Defense

           Ministry of Transport

           Ministry of Finance

           Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

           National Insurance Institute

           National Revenue Agency

           Bulgarian National Bank

           Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church

           Ministry of Foreign Affairs and application of Apostille


           For the legalization and certification of documents we adhere to the normative documents, regulating the whole activity:

           Rregulations for legalization, certification and translation of documents and other papers

           List of the countries signed the Hague Convention for Aabolishing the Rrequirement of Legalization for Foreign Public Documents

           List of the countries in bilateral mutual legal assistance between them and the Republic of Bulgaria, which have a mode for releasing the documents from legalization.

           The preliminary consultation with us for the preparation of your documents is free of charge.

           We have normal, fast and express orders for certification and legalization.

           The price is calculated according to the type of the document and the type of the order.


           Feel free to send us request by phone, e-mail or using our electronic form to receive a particular offer.