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Български (България)Russian (CIS)Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)French (Fr)Español(Spanish Formal International)Română (România)Turkish (Turkiye)Arabic (العربية الموحدة)简体中文(中国)English (United Kingdom)



          Milena-M Ltd. helps its clients by providing professional translation and interpretation services to 40 languages. We work with more than 700 qualified translators.


           Milena-M Ltd has a contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic Bulgaria – Consular Relations Directorate – since 22nd July 1991 and is authorized to make official translations.

           We translate from Bulgarian language to all official languages in the EU and vice versa:


English (English)

 Polish (Polski)

Bulgarian (български)

 Portuguese (Português)

Greek (Ελληνικά)

 Romanian (Română)

Danish (Dansk)

 Slovak (Slovenčina)

Estonian (Eesti)

 Slovenian (Slovenščina)

Spanish (Español)

 Hungarian (Magyar)

Italian (Italiano)

 Finnish (Suomi)

Latvian (latviešu)

 French (Français)

Lithuanian (lietuvių)

 Czech (Čeština)

German (Deutsch)

 Swedish (Svenska)

Dutch (Nederlands)



           We translate from Bulgarian language to other languages and vice versa such as:

Azerbaijani (Azəri)

 Norwegian (Nynorsk)

Arabian (عربية)

 Russian (Русский)

Bosnian (Bosanski)

 Serbian (Српски)

Hebrew (עִבְרִית)

 Turkish (Türkçe)

Kazakh (қазақ, قازاق ٴتىلى)

 Ukrainian (Українська)

Catalonian (Català)

 Urdu (اردو)

Chinese (汉语/漢語)

 Hindi (हिन्दी)

Korean (한국어)

 Croatian (Hrvatski)

Macedonian (Македонски)

 Japanese (日本語)

Moldovan (moldovenească)



           We also translate from:


           - English to German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Romanian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Arabian, Japanese

           - German to English, French, Dutch, Russian

           - French to English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Swedish

           - Russian to English, German, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Moldovan, Greek


           The languages are grouped according to their difficulty as follow:



1st group languages:

English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian

2nd group languages:

Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Polish, Ukrainian, Macedonian, Portuguese

3rd group languages:

Greek, Turkish, Romanian, Moldovan, Albanian, Hungarian, Dutch

4th group languages:

Scandinavian languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish

5th group languages:

Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Hindi



            We translate in almost all fields of knowledge and operational human activity – scientific, technical, legal, economic and financial documentation, etc.

           Amongst our clients are great number of government institutions, agencies and their local structures, municipalities, Bulgarian and foreign companies, banks, insurance companies, non-governmental organizations, many Bulgarian and foreign individuals.

           We maintain a strict confidentiality policy on all our translation projects. Our translators sign declarations for the authenticity of their translation and of confidentiality.

           The company is registered in the Online Register as an administrator of personal data under the Personal Data Protection Act.

           We have modern technological equipment.



           We provide professional translations to 40 languages.

            Documents for translation can be delivered to the offices of our clients either electronically or by courier companies.

           The price of the translation depends of the difficulty of the language, the complexity of the document, the pages and the deadline of translation.

           The volume of the written translation per one page is calculated on the grounds of the European standard BSS (БДС) EN 15038 - 1800 symbols including intervals, counted on Word count in Microsoft Word. At the request of the client the measure unit could be a standard page of 260 words.

           There are three types of orders according to the deadline for fulfillment of the translation:

           - express - up to 24 hours

           - fast - up to 2 days

           - normal - up to 3 days

           You can receive the translated document in the company's offices, electronically or by a courier company to any destination in Bulgaria and abroad.


           Please request by phone, e-mail or using our electronic form to receive particular offer.



           II. Interpretations


           Our interpreters perform simultaneous and consecutive interpreting at international conferences, symposia, seminars, presentations, business meetings, trainings, business and education trips, notary deals, etc.


           - Simultaneous translations


           The interpreter translates simultaneously with the speaker with minimum delay. Simultaneous translation requires special equipment and specialists for the installation and maintenance.

           The listeners hear the translation via headphones connected to multi-channel receiver. Teams of highly qualified interpreters work in sound insulated cabins.

           This is the most professional method of translation, the only suitable for multilingual translations in line and the most effective concerning the time – it is time-saving method for such kinds of events.


           - Consecutive translations


           The speaker awaits after every second or third sentence thus he/she allows the interpreter to translate what is said in the foreign language. This method of interpretation is applicable to informal meetings, business negotiations, guiding and welcome events.

           It is the most cost effective - less translators, no special equipment requirements, the participants listen to both languages, the most effective method for confidential business negotiations, suitable for small groups speaking only one language.

           The price for interpretations is calculated in working-hours of the interpreter for the specific event. When the engagement is for a team of interpreters the price is calculated in working-hours for team.

           Our company Milena-M Ltd. can organize your trip and accommodation, assist you in preparing the promotional and advertisement materials, cultural programs, translations and help you find guides for you and your guests.


           Please request by phone, e-mail or using our electronic form to receive particular offer.